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Gerrymandering - An issue we can all get behind. It is killing our democracy.




gerund or present participle: gerrymandering

  1. manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.

  • achieve (a result) by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency.

Guys, here is an issue we need to focus on. This is an issue that Democrats and Republicans and Independents can all agree on. Our democracy is based on one person/one vote. Gerrymandering in NC allows the party in power to divide the state into districts so that one person/one vote does not hold. By cutting and packing when redistricting the party in power

Read the 2 linked articles below to get more information but here is an example of how gerrymandered the State of NC is since the redistricting done by the NC State Legislature after the last census.

In the 2014 NC congressional elections, Democrats won 44% of the vote but only received 23% of the congressional seats. It is quite obvious there is a problem with the way NC is doing its redistricting. How is this possible? Please read the following two articles to inform yourself on this issue. one article cites NC as an example of a gerrymandered state and the other lays out a possible way of measuring the degree of gerrymandering that goes on in each state.

I will try to post the efficiency gap gor the NC State House and Senate seats later this week. This will give us a quantitative measurement of how undemocratic the voting districts in our state are. No one, not Democrats, Not Republicans, Not Independents can want this gerrymandering to continue, no matter what party is in power.

There should be outrage over this democracy busting practice.

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