Take back our Democracy! We need a NonPartisan Board to do redistricting in NC, not the Legislature! Iowa does it well! The people select their politicians rather than the politicians selecting their voters!

February 21, 2017

Iowa model


Why Redistricting in Iowa works

  • No political influence on redistricting process.  Plans are drawn by a non partisan staff submitted to legislature for an up or down vote

  • Accountability  – “Redistricting principles” guide process-  political affiliation, previous election results,  or the addresses of incumbents cannot be used.

  • No gerrymandering – Redistricting plans are criteria-driven based on clear, measurable criteria including: population equality, contiguity, unity of counties and cities, compactness

  • No delays–  Redistricting is on a set schedule.

*The first plan is submitted to the Legislature by April 1st.

*Public hearings are held and then lawmakers  have 3 days to bring the plan forward for a vote

*If lawmakers reject plan- staff has 35 days to bring forward a 2nd plan

  • Public Input  – After the first plan is submitted, a series of public hearings held in every region of the state with a report compiled and presented to the legislature

  • Saves money – no legislative session has ever been lengthened, no primary election schedule delayed or lawsuit filed in Iowa due to a redistricting plan submitted by its non partisan legislative staff












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