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Take back our Democracy! We need a NonPartisan Board to do redistricting in NC, not the Legislature!

Iowa model

Why Redistricting in Iowa works

  • No political influence on redistricting process. Plans are drawn by a non partisan staff submitted to legislature for an up or down vote

  • Accountability – “Redistricting principles” guide process- political affiliation, previous election results, or the addresses of incumbents cannot be used.

  • No gerrymandering – Redistricting plans are criteria-driven based on clear, measurable criteria including: population equality, contiguity, unity of counties and cities, compactness

  • No delays– Redistricting is on a set schedule.

*The first plan is submitted to the Legislature by April 1st.

*Public hearings are held and then lawmakers have 3 days to bring the plan forward for a vote

*If lawmakers reject plan- staff has 35 days to bring forward a 2nd plan

  • Public Input – After the first plan is submitted, a series of public hearings held in every region of the state with a report compiled and presented to the legislature

  • Saves money – no legislative session has ever been lengthened, no primary election schedule delayed or lawsuit filed in Iowa due to a redistricting plan submitted by its non partisan legislative staff

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