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First of all, a big thank you to all the folks who came out on Monday night. We had a really solid, enthusiastic crowd listen to Mayor Weinbrecht and the NSV people who’ve been working on voter targeting and our position papers.

If you didn’t get one of the cards from Steve Jones, you probably heard us mention a tag line that is on those cards: Follow-Like-Share-Join. Those are the action items that we can take to see this movement have the impact we need to change the outcome of our elections. Here’s how it works.

First - make sure you’ve subscribed to our group at Regardless, whether you have or not, you need to “follow” our Facebook page. It’s really easy - just click on the Facebook icon on our webpage (or search for us on Facebook by typing in “New South Voices”) and you’ll be taken to the NSV Facebook page. When you are there, just click on the follow button. By following our page, you’ll see new posts on your timeline as soon as we publish them.

One other important note, you may want to check your privacy settings to make sure your “follows” reach the most people in your social network. If you click the link in the little blue box that pops up when you first click the “follow” button, you’ll see the following screen - make sure your “Following” section is to either “Friends except acquaintances,” “Friends,” or “Public."

Second - We really want you to LIKE us. First, like the NSV Facebook page itself (it’s right next to the follow button). Then, be sure to “like" each NSV post that you see on your timeline. If you don’t see any, just visit the NSV Facebook page, scroll down through the posts and like each one you haven’t already.

Finally - after you’ve liked us enough, it’s crucial that you SHARE our good ideas and message with your friends directly. That takes a couple more steps, but it’s just as easy. When you see a post that you really like, click on the “share” button and either share it to your timeline or write a quick post that references the NSV post. Here’s how you add an introductory comment and share the post:

The last part? JOIN us in recruiting more participants. Encourage your friends and neighbors who, like you, want to see pragmatism and rational decision making return to our political process. Send them the link to, or, better yet, invite them to Follow-Like-and-Share the New South Voices Facebook page. Feel free to share THIS message with them so they can start multiplying our efforts immediately.

Thank you, all, again, for your commitment and energy. Let’s do this.

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