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The NC Legislature is an embarrassment to NC citizens – We must resist!

On Friday evening Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show, was at the DPAC and stated, “It is a shame that a few backward NC Legislators are passing laws that the clear majority of NC citizens do not believe in and ruining North Carolina’s public image”.

Some of the issues Noah was referring to:

  • The NC State legislature passed a law that reduced early voting, made it more difficult to register to vote, and they moved polling places off college campuses in an attempt to reduce the Democratic vote count. The legislature is trying to pick their voters rather than have the voters pick their politicians.

  • After losing the Governor’s race in November, the legislature passes a law to reduce the size of the appellate court from 15 to 12 to take away Governor Coopers right to appoint Judges to the court to replace retiring judges. This was a blatant partisan attempt to minimize Coopers effectiveness and to neuter NC citizen’s choice of Cooper for Governor. When the legislature is unhappy with the choices made by the NC voters in electing a candidate to a postion, they attempt to strip power from that elected official. This is an outright attack on democracy and must be stopped.

  • Wake County citizens voted in 2014 to throw out Republican County Commissioners as they were inadequately funding the Wake County School System. The State Legislature did not like Wake County citizen’s choices to replace these commissioners so they passed a law to redistrict the Wake County Commissioners voting districts. This is a case of politicians trying to choose their voters rather than allowing voters to choose their politicians. Our Democratic form of government is under siege

Come out at 7pm on Monday May 1st at Jordan Lake Brewing company in Downtown Cary. Speakers include Wake County Commission Chairman Sig Hutchinson and Cary Town Council member Jennifer Robinson. They will address issues of gerrymandering voting districts, legislative overreach with respect to impact fees which could result in higher property taxes and what we need to do to insure our schools are properly funded.

How often do you get to directly ask questions of your elected local officials? Come out and bring your friends with you. Join New South Voices. We want to elect officials to our State Legislature that no longer embarrass us on the national stage and cause harm to the citizens of NC

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